Women, intelligence and interpretation


Question: In a recent Sanga, ‘Sat gurus and siksa mantras,’ you wrote that “women are not more lusty than men nor less intelligent.” This appears to me to be quite contradictory to what Srila Prabhupada said about the subject. Can a ‘sat guru’ answer this question? Answer: Srila Prabhupada has said that women are less […]

New Hare Krishna Temple Opens Way the Hell Outside Town


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – This past week, the residents of the Hare Krishna temple vacated their three story building located in the busy heart of downtown. They have relocated forty-five minutes north, along the interstate off exit 154, between Pooja Imports Food Market and Patel Bazaar. New Hare Krishna Temple opens way the hell outside town. […]

Freudian Slip, Krsna’s Tip


Sometimes Sri Krsna Who is the Supersoul within, peeps through the pages of our consciousness and reveals His face, and it is always smiling, being both benevolent, and amused! At such times, we become aware of our own very foolish sub-conscious motives, buried deep in that dust-covered book. One very clever way He does this […]

No Fear In Harmony: Love means sacrifice to such a high degree that it can embrace everything


The only origin of fear is lack of harmony. Fear is born through disappointment resulting from lack of harmony. If that does not exist then there is no place for fear. ‘Undesirability’ is represented in Sanskrit as ‘apprehension’ or ‘fear’, and is regarded as something secondary to the Absolute. But how does it reach and […]

“Everyone is My Prabhu”


Srila Prabhupada on the use of the address “Prabhu” 1. Even the Spiritual Master sees his disciples as “prabhu” We are teaching our disciples to address amongst themselves “prabhu.” This is not a new thing; this is very old. Now Narada is addressing Vyasadeva as “prabhu,” his disciple. His disciple he’s addressing as prabhu. So […]

BBT Book Changes: Who Needs Authentic Books?


Devotees who are against allowing any editorial changes in Bhaktivedanta Swami’s books often invoke what they call the “shastric principle of arsha-prayoga.” Literally the word means “rishi usage.” Early Puranic commentators would occasionally point out that a word used by Vyasadeva did not conform to the rules of grammar, or that a verse of his […]

Pouring Ghee Into Ashes: Bodily Discrimination in ISKCON


The Bhagavad-gita advises, or warns us: “Whatever leaders do, the common men follow, and whatever exemplary acts they perform, all the world pursues.” Srila Prabhupada stressed the converse when he warned of “the blind, leading the blind, who all fall into a ditch.” Lord Kapiladeva in the Third Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam teaches us that […]

Manifest Nama Sankirtana Revolution


Please remember and I beseech you again and again, please remember worldwide ISKCON grassroots Nama Sankirtana revolution. Revolution means revolution. It means we have to shed pounds, and gallons and gallons of blood to get the job done. We have to turn this movement inside out, upside down whatever we have to do but we […]