Srila Prabhupada: “Prostitutes are necessary citizens for the proper upkeep of society”


Srimad Bhagavatam, Verse 1.11.19 At the same time, many hundreds of well-known prostitutes began to proceed on various vehicles. They were all very eager to meet the Lord, and their beautiful faces were decorated with dazzling earrings, which enhanced the beauty of their foreheads. Purport We may not hate even the prostitutes if they are […]

Spiritual aspects of homosexuality


From the spiritual perspective, another explanation for homosexuality or bisexuality lies in reincarnation. Those who are not properly integrated in one life can find themselves in the next life with a male consciousness in a female body or vice versa. Such souls are stuck. The situation is not completely their doing because everyone has participated […]

Pratyatosa Dasa: 17 reasons to Bring Krishna West to Houghton, Michigan, USA


Please bring Krishna West preaching to the virgin territory of Houghton, Michigan, USA for the following reasons: 1) Houghton is a college town, and is completely virgin territory when it comes to Krishna Conscious preaching. 2) At least 3 Houghton High School graduates are direct disciples of Srīla Prabhupāda, probably a higher per capita percentage […]

Bir Krishna Goswami on Krishna West: “When we start to make a lot of devotees, then there will be a mad rush to copy”


Embed Music Files – Play Audio – 2013.04.23 – Maha Mantra – B… Krishna West has already started and we have a Krishna West center at a place called Chapel Hill, North Carolina which is right in my zone. And I’m working with Hridayananda Maharaj to establish different preaching initiatives based on Krishna West. I […]

Bir Krishna Goswami: Dhotis “look to a certain extent like adult diapers” especially the North Indian style


The idea of Krishna West has some similarity to the Loft Program. Are you familiar with Devamrita Swami’s Loft Program? We present Krishna consciousness in such a way that western people feel comfortable with it. For example, there are many aspects or at least external aspects that are not eternal aspects of our movement devotees […]

Bir Krishna Goswami: “Krishna West is full ISKCON” and temples “influenced or catering to the Indian population”


I think a more appropriate name for Krishna West would be “Krishna Adaptable to Different Cultures.” In other words, lets say we go to China, then probably Krishna West would utilize people eating with chopsticks. So people would feel more comfortable. The idea is that whatever culture you’re in, present the essence of Krishna consciousness […]

The ontological position of Womenkind


Question: I want to know more about the position of women in your tradition. Are women allowed to participate in the process of practicing, praying and showing their devotion? Srila Sridhar Maharaj: Who is a woman here may not be a woman there in that higher realm; who is a man here may not be […]

New Fired-up Bhaktas Must Wait to be Placed on Payroll


The newest influx of recruits to the area Hare Krishna temple are eager and willing to do any service at all for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and the devotees. However, they’re in a holding pattern until they can be placed on the temple’s payroll. Typically, this waiting period is 2-3 business days, the […]

Niscala Devi Dasi responds to Krishna Kirti on “homosexual appetite being demoniac”


“Force will not work” The argument for gay marriage Krsna Kirti has claimed that Hrdayananda Maharja is deviating from the commentary of Srila Prabhupada (to SB 3.20.26, regarding the homosexual appetite being demoniac) in his recommendation of restrained marriage for gay devotees. How so, escapes us totally, as Hridayananda is suggesting a way to contain […]

Krishna Kirti Das springs back on Hridayananda Das Goswami’s Krishna West response


Maharaja Hridayananda has responded to my paper “HH Hridayananda Goswami, Krishna West, and Consequentialism.” My further response: In his first enumerated point, Maharaja misrepresents my argument. He wrote, “KK ironically suggests that we accept all that Prabhupada says as true, even if to do so we must reject as untrue the limits that Prabhupada places […]

Hridayananda Das Goswami response to Krishna Kirti Das on Krishna West


Recently Krishna Kirti Dasa posted a paper entitled, “HH Hridayandanda Goswami, Krishna West, and Consequentialism” I will reply to his main points. 1. KK quotes me as follows, “Prabhupada emphatically taught that the Guru’s teachings are infallible because the Guru is simply repeating Shastra. Prabhupada made it very clear that a Guru is not infallible […]