On August 3rd, 2013 ISKCON GBC released an official statement alleging Mahanidhi Swami had illicit relations and therefore unfit for an ISKCON post. A couple of weeks later Mahanidhi Swami released a letter denying the charges. Devotees were relieved and showered overwhelming support.


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  • Rasa Rasika dasa

    The lack of transparency in this matter was disappointing – the latest message from the GBC Executive Committee to Maharaja’s disciples was never published nor was Maharaja’s original letter to the Executive Committee.
    I am not aware of the reasons why these are not forthcoming….perhaps there is a good reason or perhaps another motivation.

  • Wayne Haridas Kleysen

    dandabats prabhu…Mahanidi Swamiji is the cream that has risen to the top and the whey can’t handle it…I have to pay respect to all old Warriors of Swamiji Prabhupada…however from a distance for some…[my gurudeva's instructions] Mahanidhi prabhu is quite different..it’s easy to serve him and I have him real close…in my heart RADHE RADHE EH

  • Yasoda Nandana Das

    i trust completely in you srila maharaja, not only for my faith, but also because many exalted vaishnavas and mahajanas say that you are an authentic bhakta of sri sri radha krsna and srila prabhupada…
    I am very sad for the iskcon leadership.. i hope they will find the way to rectify this very bad mistake…

    • alexshenkar

      What do you think is the best way for the GBC to rectify this mistake?

      • Yasoda Nandana Das

        to ask forgiveness to mahanidhi swami and to be ortodox in gaudiya vaishnavism accepting the guidance of a pure devotee.. GBC is not at all a bad idea, it is a saint creation of srila bhaktisiddhanta.. the anomaly is the fact that now GBC is not under the direction of a pure devotee as it was with srila bhaktisiddhanta and srila prabhupada..

  • Jaya Madhava das

    Maha Nidhi Swami
    Pamho-agtsp HARE KRSNA
    Please take care of yourself
    Im your well wisher,,,,and friend-ALWAYS_
    How easy the GBC let Prabhupadas disciples leave,,,,,,
    Says Volumes…about whats gone – OFF
    Your servant,
    Jaya Madhava das(—–(-acbsp )–Moscow Russia

    • Nitesh

      Agree Jaya Madhava Prabhu. Jai Shri Krishna!

  • PriyaRadhika Dasi

    Not for a second I believed these lies and allegations. I have met you Maharaj and I was convinced you have been framed by Kaliyugi aura…

  • gopa

    Twenty years ago my husband , son I I visited Vrindavana for the first time and had the good fortune of residing in the same house that you Maharaja were living,
    We remember how kind and nice you were to us. Your humble and friendly nature made on impact on us since you were so different from others.
    Very sad to hear how you had been treated, All glories to your service!