Why we are not being informed of preaching achievements of Radhanatha Maharaja!?


Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Yesterday I arrived in New York from Europe. A disciple of mine who came to receive me in the airport, an IT specialist from New Jersey, informed me about his attending a very wonderful program where Radhanath Maharaja addressed about 300 doctors. In his presentation Maharaja admitted the efficacy of allopathic treatment and at the same time spoke about the profundity of Ayurveda. And he urged the doctors to take advantage of both. Very joyfully this devotee informed me about the success of this program and how practically every participant became enlivened by it.

He also told me about various other programs that Radhanath Maharaja conducted in the recent past in America – addressing the software tycoons in Silicon Valley; addressing the top executives of google, HSBC and Ernst and Young; speaking to highly successful individuals from various fields.

I began to wonder why we are not being informed of these achievements of Radhanatha Maharaja. May be Radhanath Maharaj, due to his very humble disposition, does not want his achievements to be broadcasted, but for the benefit of our devotees and overall inspiration of our entire society, it should be properly broadcasted and appreciated. I know for certain if Srila Prabhupada were here at this time, he would have been so happy to hear about these achievements. In this respect I have seen how expert Tamala Krishna Maharaja was. Whenever something remarkable happened he would immediately report to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Prabhupada would be so pleased. I remember how Tamala Krishna Maharaja used to read out the letters of Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja and how eagerly Srila Prabhupada used to wait for them.

Once in Vrindavan, Srila Prabhupada told me how envious his godbrothers became about his success. Then Srila Prabhupada mentioned that this tendency is naturally there because the god-brothers tend to see each other almost on the same level. Therefore if one god-brother becomes very successful in preaching or achieves something wonderful then it becomes difficult for them to acknowledge that. However Srila Prabhupada also pointed out that the Vaishnavas are different. They love to sing the glories of other Vaishnavas. They can do that because they are non envious. – “nirmatsara.”

We all know how much Srila Prabhupada wanted us to function in a spirit of unity. He often mentioned about unity in diversity. We know that in an institution like ISKCON so many devotees with their diverse nature and characteristics have to function together. Therefore this unity in diversity is the only way to work together for the benefit of our preaching mission.

The other day a devotee in a class asked me what this “unity in diversity” actually meant. I gave the example of a football team. Different players are playing their respective roles – some are defending the ball from entering their goal and some others are aggressively trying to put the ball in the opponent’s goal. All the members of the team are playing differently but they are united as one team. In the game when someone scores the goal, he gets the credit. Everyone cheers his achievements but the entire team enjoys the glory of victory.

It is important that In ISKCON we also function in that way. When someone achieves success in his preaching mission and the world recognizes and appreciates that then let us also consider that to be our victory and rejoice. Those who are good at scoring goals, let us give them all the support to lead us into victory. I am confident that if we can successfully do that then our mission will spread in leaps and bounds all over the world.

Your servant,
Bhakti Charu Swami.

  • Jagat

    Did Radhanath give a TED lecture?

  • http://www.galva108.org Amara Das Wilhelm

    Perhaps he just wants to be a little discreet about his preaching because some devotees will criticize and create a disturbance.

    • http://iskcon.us/ Alexander Shenkar

      Yes, thats true. It’s not a criticism of Radhanath swami not informing devotees, rather it’s of devotees who fail to appreciate and glorify the wonderful work that he is doing.

      It’s not even about Radhanath swami himself – it’s about the loss of an opportunity to inspire other devotees of successful preaching. Radhanath swami probably doesn’t need anyone’s encouragement, it’s everyone else who could be encouraged by being more aware of what he’s doing.

      • Gopinath dasa

        perhaps it is better that he is keeping it quiet, due to his liberal use of religious syncretism and hermeneutics in his “preaching”, that were not approved by Srila Prabhupada.

        • http://iskcon.us/ Alexander Shenkar

          Yes, that’s precisely the kind of envious rhetoric devotees use to minimize or disqualify Radhanath’s preaching activities.

          Prabhupada was also criticized by his godbrothers for all the shortcoming they perceived.

          Let all the critics show by their example how to preach!

          • Gopinath dasa

            but this it is exactly the point, you are unable to philosophically justify Radhanath swami`s philosophical “adjustments” through the eyes of Srila Prabhupada, so you have to LABEL me envious. That in itself says it all. Another seriously concerning point is that you are equating Radhanath sawmi with Srila Prabhupada.”

          • http://iskcon.us/ Alexander Shenkar

            Just because you are unable to philosophically justify, it doesn’t mean that I’m unable to. And I won’t even entertain the notion that you can bring an ass to a water pot and make it drink the water too. So I won’t try to convince you with justifications. I will only rely on the purity of your heart to give you the vision to see properly.

  • Prabhupadanuga

    NOT the duty of a sannyasi Alex. Far from it. Not sure how long you have been around but if you are behaving like this as a renunciant you DONT want it advertised. Unless he was strictly preaching Krishna consciousness then he had no business being there. Period. And if he wasnt strictly preaching he needs to step down. Sastra describes EVERY quality of a person in his position . Please read them.

    • http://iskcon.us/ Alexander Shenkar

      Prabhupada himself was criticized by his godbrothers for so many unconventional things he did to push the movement forward. The sastras describe that one should not leave India. The sastras do not permit women to do puja on alter or to become brahminically initiated, but Prabhupada broke free from the tradition and preached in a radically novel way. So if Radhaanth swami is not strictly preaching, then you (“Prabhupadanuga”) must also believe that Prabhupada did not strictly preach either. What is your sastric basis for Prabhupada’s liberal application of giving women brahminical initiation and permitting them to worship on altar? Hmmm. Yes, show us your sastric support.

  • James Robinson Cooper

    Rahanatha Swami is an amazing powerful preacher reaching the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world.

  • Ishan Das Peter Levine

    I have only seen a little bit of DVD featuring Radhanatha Swami. Someone also gave me a book that he wrote. I do not know what makes this man tick, but my overall impression is that he is on a trip, presenting himself as a saintly person that is overflowing with love. I recoiled. I simply felt sick, and would not want to be in the same room with someone like him. Posturing. He should be a movie actor. Ludicrous.

    • http://iskcon.us/ Alexander Shenkar

      In your other notes you praised “logical arguments” but in this thread you expressed how you feel without offering any logical arguments. What is the basis of your claim? Let’s put aside how you feel and discuss rationally.

  • Ishan Das Peter Levine

    Hi Alex! Hare Krishna! I don’t have any logical arguments to tell you the truth. It is just that the way that this man speaks (on the DVD’s I saw) gives me the creeps. I simply can’t take him seriously, and am filled with wonder why anyone would want to present himself in such a manner. He strikes me as a caricature of someone who is so saintly that he simply can’t contain the outpouring of love that fills his heart. I don’t believe it. It strikes me as phony. Srila Prabhupada actually had that kind of love, but he never made a show of it. On the contrary, he behaved as if he was one of us, practical and straight-forward. He was adamantly against these displays of emotion, saying that if anyone tries to make a show of spiritual ecstasy we should kick such a person in the head (as they would not mind if they were for real). I cannot believe that anyone would be attracted to such a performance. And I cannot understand what would prompt this man to behave in this way. It is so unbecoming and an embarrassment to the great tradition that he is supposedly representing.
    Aside from this…..lecturing to an assembly of allopathic doctors about ayurvedic medicine? What for?
    In any case, I can understand that you have some affection for this person and want to support him and perhaps defend him. But I don’t think is something that I want to discuss at length. I would rather go my own way and sincerely wish you well in the cultivation of your Krishna consciousness. If I am wrong, and I have been wrong many times in my life, then that is my loss, and I am sorry to have made such a mistake. I even want to wish this man well with all of my heart. But his manner strikes me as an artificial posture.
    Best to let it go, as I will not be inclined to pursue it further. Somehow I stumbled on this site and saw the article and was inclined to make this comment, which may have been a mistake on my part. I have my feelings, and my intuitions about this. But I do not wish to harbor any hostility. Hare Krishna! Please be well, and if your love for this man is genuine, please try to find it in your heart to forgive me for whatever error I may have made.