Leadership and Love


Any thoughts, words, or actions that are directed toward a person’s higher self will be far more beneficial and lasting than those that are not.

In your leadership role, see yourself as the caretaker of those around you rather than the proprietor, acting as you would if entrusted with a precious treasure. This approach encourages you to perceive the God-essence in every person and see yourself as an emissary of the Divine in charge of nurturing the God-essence in others. Serving God in this way is one of the highest possible manifestations of love.

The function of a leader is to act as the representative of God. Your role as a leader calls upon you to open your mind and heart to this possibility of being God’s representative, in order to become a spiritual channel. A key factor in becoming such a channel is selflessness.

Constantly try to anticipate beforehand and review afterwards how each of your policies increases the love of those whom you lead. Indeed, one of the main functions as a leader is to express love and help others develop their experience of love.

Always see yourself as a caretaker of God’s property, treating everything in your care with greater respect than you would if it were your own.

[Leadership Excellence 22]