Freudian Slip, Krsna’s Tip


Sometimes Sri Krsna Who is the Supersoul within, peeps through the pages of our consciousness and reveals His face, and it is always smiling, being both benevolent, and amused! At such times, we become aware of our own very foolish sub-conscious motives, buried deep in that dust-covered book. One very clever way He does this […]

ISKCON-ism leads to Schism


Srila Prabhupada in his books often writes about the “ism” mentality- patriotism, hinduism etc- the false identity of belonging to a group, even a religion. His solution was one flag under God, the knowledge that all souls are eternal fragments of God, including animals and plants, what to speak of members of different nations and […]

Leadership and Love


Any thoughts, words, or actions that are directed toward a person’s higher self will be far more beneficial and lasting than those that are not. In your leadership role, see yourself as the caretaker of those around you rather than the proprietor, acting as you would if entrusted with a precious treasure. This approach encourages […]