Prabhupada loved disciples, include ones with proclivity for homosexuality

Guru Das aka Roger Siegel

Prabhupada holding child's hand.

Radharani’s softness

Bhakti yoga is for those with caring hearts. Not Jnana (knowledge), or Karma (fruitive activities) yoga but one founded on Das-anu-Das (servant of the servant).

This principle that Prabhupad gave us can save the world and save us as well.

This idea of us not being a welfare movement is incorrect.

  • Why do we share prasadam, kirtan and shastra?
  • Is this not welfare?
  • Is food for life not welfare?

We could keep everything to ourselves, but we share because we want to give this great philosophy to others. We believe this ourselves; and think it’s a positive alternative to the material entanglements.

Prabhupada cared for me. He saw the good in us. He loved his disciples, including those with a proclivity for homosexuality. He said it is the sexual desire we have to eventually overcome.

  • So why don’t we want to care for each other?

People in war zones fed by Food for Life don’t care about our appearance or philosophy.

Prabhupada told me “art means full belly,” and then he explained no one will view this art if they are starving. No one will take to spiritual life if they are starving and only surviving.

Yes, our philosophy says to water the root of the tree – and all the branches, limbs, and leaves will be fed. But we are not stoic impersonalists, where philosophy is more important than devotion.

Already people are reacting to symptoms of old age and dying sporadically and individually.

  • We are all aging, so why not do this collectively, and first-class?

That is why we are continuing The Vedic Care project.

Let Radharani’s compassionate Bhava enter your heart!