Hridayananda Das Goswami: Homosexuality is not a “big sin”


Question: Regarding the Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage, is there anything in Vedic scriptures to support this? What is your opinion?

Regarding gay marriage, the Manu-smrti states that homosexuality is not a “big sin”, “maha-pataka”. I do not know of any other direct reference to homosexuality in the Bhagavatam, Gita etc.

Our main concern is to spread Krishna consciousness. Gay marriage is simply the law of the land now, and if we fight against it, the people we are trying to save will reject us. The best strategy is to emphasize that we are not the body, and that sexuality, while a basic human need, should not be vulgarly displayed in public.

The heterosexuals shamelessly flaunt sex, so there is no use in bashing the gay community. Prabhupada emphasized that we should stress the philosophical point that we are not the body and should focus on the soul. Prabhupada personally urged me not to present Krishna consciousness as a set of rules.

We live in a very degraded age and we must do our best to bring Krishna to the people. Without Krishna consciousness, we cannot expect a moral society.