Part II: Hridayananda das Goswami response to GBC disapproval of Krishna West


In regard to the GBC’s recent discussion of Krishna West in Mayapura, and their request to me, I wish to explain the following:

1. As everyone must know, there are few, if any, secrets in ISKCON and therefore the GBC must have known that the letter they sent to me would soon become a public document.

2. The GBC requested me to stay in America and not travel to other regions such as Europe and South America until further discussion of Krishna West. Thus effectively and literally, the GBC placed me in a state of quarantine. Quarantine is applied when a person has, or is suspected to have, a serious, contagious disease. Thus by placing me in a state of quarantine, the GBC, whatever their intention, sent the world a clear message: Hridayananda das Goswami has, or is suspected to have, a serious, contagious spiritual disease. Again, whatever their intention, this is the clear message they sent.

3. Before taking such a heavy, damaging step, did the GBC exercise ‘due diligence’ to verify there was a credible danger that I had a serious, contagious, spiritual disease? Did they follow normal standards of fair inquiry and discussion? Not at all. Here are the facts:

  • Before the GBC meetings, I repeatedly begged many GBC members to let me reply to any accusations at the meetings, before the GBC reached any decision. I did this because I knew that many false criticisms were circulating. Again and again I told the GBC that although health considerations did not allow me to travel to India, I would be available by phone, email, skype or any other media. They voted to quarantine me without allowing me to first answer my accusers. They arranged for a discussion to take place after, not before, causing significant harm to me and other devotees.
  • I was not alone in urging the GBC to be fair. Several of the most senior leaders of ISKCON, including senior GBC members, also urged the GBC body to wait and hear both sides BEFORE taking any decision. The GBC rejected this advice.

4. The inevitable result: the GBC voted to quarantine me based on obvious misunderstandings. Here are some examples:

  • At the GBC meeting on Krishna West, a ‘tipping point’ came when I was accused of disrespecting the Acarayas. This charge was based on a misinterpretation of a statement made someone else. In other words, it was not even my statement. And the GBC misunderstood the context of the other devotee’s statement. Further, this very issue, based on the same statement, came up one month before the GBC meeting on the Brasil forum. I explained there the misunderstanding and clearly stated that I fully respect the Acaryas’ statements according to principles taught by Prabhupada and the Acaryas themselves. Thus this issue, which so disturbed the GBC, had already been resolved and clarified weeks before the GBC meeting. A two minute phone call to me would have resolved this. The GBC did not make that call. Instead they voted on a misunderstanding that would have been easily resolved by fair procedure.
  • The GBC misinterpreted my statement that KW is a destination not a bridge. I explained over and over and over again before the meeting that this does NOT refer to starting a new movement, or promoting separatism in ISKCON. I explained this to a prominent Euro-GBC who wrote back to me that he was happy to have my answer, and that he would support me in Mayapura. I have his letter in my files. Yet the GBC still voted on a misinterpretation. Again, a two minute call could have resolved this. The GBC did not make that call.

It is a fundamental duty of the GBC to promote peace and cooperation in ISKCON within the boundaries of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. Like any large society, ISKCON has liberals and conservatives, preservers and innovators, both of whom are necessary and valuable. The GBC should not underestimate the number of devotees who believe, as I do, that given the current state of our western mission, we should at least try to apply in the preaching field certain opportunities and adjustments explicitly authorized and even urged by Prabhupada. Krishna West seeks to do this, cooperatively and within the laws of ISKCON.

I want to make clear that I fully support Prabhupada’s GBC system and like other devotees, I want the GBC to be respected and admired. I also acknowledge openly to the world my own imperfections and mistakes in presenting Krishna West. In the Bhagavad-gita 18.48, Krishna states that all endeavors in this world are flawed. This is certainly true in my case. I have repeatedly and openly stated to all devotees, including my disciples, that Krishna West has made mistakes and we are sincerely trying to correct them. In fact, KW has demonstrated time and time again that we cooperate with the GBC. History shows that every time the GBC requested KW to adjust something, we complied. KW has never refused a GBC request. Therefore there was no reasonable cause to doubt that in my travel to Europe I would cooperate with the GBC. Quarantine was entirely unnecessary and unjustified.

Further, KW has benefitted from the criticism and advice of other devotees, including the GBC. I pray that we can go forward in unity based on mutual respect and fair procedure.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami

  • Varaha das

    It is very painful to see one of the senior leaders of ISKCON trying to bend over backward to have a fair hearing. So what hope does any devotee serving in some remote part of the world has when there is misunderstanding with the authority. They say there is an Ombudsman, but he is simply there as a showcase. They have other rules to make his intervention powerless. Has any decision concerning any of the leaders that has a vision and the capacity to realize such vision being ever positive. The Catholics also did this for a long period, but gradually all the practices they opposed as being fruits of Liberation Theology are now being incorporated into Catholicism. Now all over the world Catholic churches sing hymns and conduct their mass in local languages. Praise worship is now accepted along with drums and modern orchestral, even some Catholic churches are now having miracle revivals, just to mention a few. This is because they have seen how over the years Protestant and Evangelical churches have brought a new dimension into Christianity. But all these changes were violently condemned and branded as heresy by past Catholic hegemony. Today there are also Catholic churches that are not under Vatican authority. This so called separatism if it is seeing in good light can only benefit ISKCON’s missionary activity, but when the fundamentalists and conservative elements who are opposed to changes use this to create tension, enemity and malicious propaganda, then real schism, fragmentation and separation will really occur to the detriment of what ISKCON holds dear; spreading the holy name and the yuga dharma to every town and village.
    The truth however is that ISKCON GBC today is more reactionary than ever and they are taking decisions more and more that frustrates and destabilize the bungeoning Vaisnava communities around the world.

    • Citra

      History is repeating itself, but this time HDG is on the receiving end. If ISKCON has a negative way of dealing with issues as he claims then who but the GBC members themselves have created this system? Why, when he was an active GBC, did he not take steps so that everyone got a fair hearing. So it would seem that like Dr. Guillotine HDG has become a victim of his own invention.

      • Don

        exactly! karma. he is suppose to be a sanyassi and he cannot see this?

      • K

        Are you saying Hdg ‘invented’ the GBC like – are you joking? I do not understand you.
        Did he control what everyone on the GBC did? Are you being rational in your observations? How do you know he was not trying to do the right thing? Why are you so harsh (ie, Dr. Guillotine??) Come on! :)

  • Jean Prem (Jagaddhatri dd, Mother of Raghunatha, ex GuruKuli)

    Maharaja, PAMHO. All glories to our Dearmost Srila Prabhupada. I am so ‘removed’ from the goings on in ISKCON (not down on ISKCON, just living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Big Island), and no ‘official’ ISKCON temple here!). I don’t really know what Krsna West is, tho it appears that it is a group that you have espoused to help propagate Krsna Consciousness ‘within’ the sphere of ISKCON. I am mildly surprised that you are so compliant with the GBC’s edict.
    One time when HH BhaktiCaru Swami was visiting Honolulu, I happened to be on Oahu and there was the usual Saturday night HariNam SK in Waikiki. Of course, as HariNam always is, it was ecstatic! Maharaja jokingly said “I think the GBC should pass a resolution that every GBC should be required to do HariNam SK at least one day a week…”. But, I think that is an excellent idea. There is no faster way to understand the urgency of this movement than by HariNam. You are immediately aware of the suffering of the lost souls, and the power of the transcendental Names that Lord Chaitanya inaugurated specifically for this Iron Age of Kali. Preaching is the essence. Management is a required function, but too much distance from the very soul of ‘our’ mission can only bring mixed intelligence. As Srila Prabhupada once wrote to me ..”go on being aggressive on SK….This SK will purify you of all tendency to lord it over in the temple…” . In the meantime..c’mon over to the Big island. We have SP, SNM, ISKCON Guru, S Govinda M, S Shridhara M, etc etc disciples, and we pretty much get along and simply relish kirtan and katha… Sectarianism is Kali’s special tool to dis-empower the devotees from their preaching mission. Anyway, you are welcome any time…YS, Jagaddhatri dd

  • Alejandra Sanguinetti

    Todas las Glorias a Srla Prabhupada! Jaya Guru Maharaja! Hridayananda Dasa Goswami.
    A mi humilde entender, no importa en que lengua ni en que manera la gente encuentre el camino para acercarse a la Suprema Personalidad de Dios, menos aún qué lleve puesto el día que decide acercarse a la Consciencia de Krsna, lo importante es que se sienta conmovido y lo haga.
    El amor puro por Krsna se siente en sus escritos, en su forma compasiva de ver a quienes son los posibles discípulos de Srla Prabhupada. Algunos no se atreverían ni siquiera a asistir a reuniones convencionales del movimiento, pero sí a un lugar en el que las diferencias sean menores.
    Yo entiendo que quiere cambiar nada ni mucho menos formar una secta, sino simplemente hacer un puente por el que pueda entrar a la Conciencia de Krsna mucha gente que de otra forma, por prejuicios, timidés o simplemente por no entender lo que es la devoción, podría quedar afuera. Una vez que están adentro, que empiezan a cantar el Santo Nombre Hare Krsna, comer prassadan, asociarse con los devotos y bailar delante de las Deidades, el Supremo Atractivo los invita a vestirse con ropa devocional … A hacerlo para agradarle!!!
    Entiendo que Krsna West es solo una invitación diferente. El camino que sigan luego, será siempre el mismo de Prabhupada y los Acaryas, aquel que Krsna le canto a Arjuna.
    Viva cómodo y cuide su salud! Sería hermoso que todos los discípulos de Prabhupada, pudieran vivir siempre en excelentes condiciones y estar bien atendidos. ¿No es eso lo que intentamos brindarle los devotos a los sannyasis cuando estan de visita en nuestras casas o ciudades?
    Sus discípulos en latinoamérica no pudieron gozar de Su presencia primero por razones de salud, y ahora por la cuarentena … Los que estamos esperando que venga para pedirle personalmente su refugio tampoco. ¿Será que tengo que ir tan lejos para ser iniciada?
    Sepa Ud.que sea cual sea la decisión que tomen los miembros del Iskcon GBC, Ud. será bienvenido en el
    corazón de esta oyente de sus clases y lectora de sus obras, que transita este momento de la vida de la mano de uno de sus discípulos, Janmastami Dasa (Merlo San Luis Argentina), quien nunca se olvida de ofrecerle sus mas respetuosas reverencias y además, está construyendo un templo para Krsna en su nombre, con la bendición de otros devotos puros que nos han visitado.. Esperamos que para la innauguración haya terminado esta cuestión de la cuarentena!
    Sin más , se pone a Su Servivio con humildad y respeto. Alejandra Sanguinetti

    • Alejandra Sanguinetti

      All Glories to Srla. Prabhupada!
      Hare krsna!
      I don’t know if you translate and re translate the texts of the notes, but I posted the yesterday note in my original language, (spanish) and those are not my words!!! It seems a letter wrote by Tarzan to Jane! Jaja!
      It’s realy hard to understand what I wanted to say ! I don’t wright in english because I haven’t enough vocabulary. So, yesterday I decided to write in spanish to be abble to put all my heart in the words.
      I realized this probleme happens when somebody translate a texte to a language and then, re translate the texte to the original language with an automatic translater. Please try not to do that! If you accept to post a letter wrote in spanish, is better if you post the original. The spanish readers will understand the sens of the note perfectly; and those who don’t speak spanish can translate the text to their own languages!
      Please forgive me, but I think that is not only a question of forms. because reading other notes I saw the same probleme. Mr. Modetator… this explanation is only for your eyes!.. Jane

  • akruranatha

    Aside from the issues of ISKCON procedures and politics, which I addressed in a comment to Maharaja’s other letter on this site, I would like to hear more about why there is a sense that we need some kind of separate “Krishna West” organization.

    Maharaja writes that the GBC’s restriction of his “Krishna West” preaching tour without a fair hearing caused “significant harm” to him and other devotees. What harm is really being caused, and why is it significant?

    In my temple, if I want to go to the temple or on harinama with western clothes, nobody objects. I often do. I do not have a shaved head and sikha. I am a congregational member and I do not feel I am being judged for being insufficiently Indian in my attire or cultural “style”. In fact, most of the devotees in our congregation are first-generation immigrants from India (or NRIs on non-immigrant work visas), and they also often (many of them) wear shirts and pants in the temple and on sankirtan and do not keep a sikha or wear tilak at work. It is no big deal. Why do we need a separate organization, and why do we need to talk about “dhoti versus pants” so much?

    What all of us really need is to talk about Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam and get quality hearing and chanting and devotional service. Yes, there is a time and place for talking about preaching strategies, or even institutional politics, but I often feel like I am getting too much of the latter and not enough direct Krishna-katha in my regular diet of hearing.

    I would not dare suggest that H. H. Hridayananda Maharaja has a serious spiritual disease for which he needs to be quarantined, but I am concerned about the separatist implications of having a separate Krishna West “movement within the movement” with its own name, institutional pretensions, and organizational apparatus. It sounds a bit like a schism in the making.

    It also worries me a bit that it appears to be associated with a single prominent spiritual master rather than a collective effort of some like-minded spiritual masters within ISKCON. I think we want to avoid personality cults and the factional group dynamics they promote. Rather we need to show a working example of cooperation of many bona-fide spiritual authorities under the banner of the one institution of the Founder-Acarya.

    People talk about “Dreaded Acarya Disease” and the kind of toll that being surrounded by adoring followers can take on the psyche of our spiritual masters. I think as an institution we failed in the first decade or so after Srila Prabhupada’s departure to protect our zonal gurus from this kind of thing. Becoming a cult leader might be as dangerous to one’s personality as becoming a rock star or a king. At least kings kept jesters to remind them to be humble and not be overwhelmed with the position of being treated like God. These are some of the lessons ISKCON learned from the 1980s.

    Is “Krishna West” really an excuse for forming a separate organization with different leadership and trying to attract adherents from among the existing ISKCON membership population rather than simply inspiring newcomers to join ISKCON? Is it a personality cult and a schism in the making? I would not go so far as to say such things. I do not know enough about it. I have great friendship, respect and admiration for Hrdayananda Maharaja. And yet I do have my concerns about this.

    Since Maharaja has seen fit to “go public” with this issue of how the GBC is dealing with Krishna West, I think these issues and concerns aught to be aired as well. I agree that the GBC should not be high-handed in its treatment of Hrdayananda Maharaja, but it is pretty easy for me to see why many GBC members would be concerned about “Krishna West”. And when we are dealing with something as important as the integrity and unity of ISKCON, we need to go slowly and cautiously.

    • attempting servant

      From my understanding KW is separate in the sense, it gives people another avenue to come to Krsna. Like a road with a cobble path next to it, they lead to the same place and the result is the same but they are still different. Some people with an aversion to roads will rejoice at the chance to be able to walk along a path, or run, as everyone still comes to Krsna at their own rates regardless of the path. Maharaja is a bonafide servant of Krsna and has the potency to pull off this amazing “movement within a movement”, which is important to understand. Prabhupada gave us the road to Krsna and here is the path, people can follow KW without “diluting” or changing what Srila Prabhupada has stated us. To be very honest I have had issues with attire, and politics and had almost given up on ISKCON since there seemed no way to get away from it, but in my heart I find this hard to deal with as I would like to follow Prabhupada’s vision. But Maharaja has reinstilled hope for me and I’m sure for others as well. So for every person with a problem there will be another coming closer to Krsna through this KW movement. And also as most are aware a lot of people like to have problems with things and make themselves heard. KW is a preaching movement and we should remember that no matter what, the goal is the same. Krsna prema for EVERYONE.

    • KrishnaKrishna!!

      First, Maharaja explicitly says that Krishna West is NOT a separate organization-it is a program within the movement. He made this point very clearly in the interview.

      Second, the “dhoti vs pants” issue is not to change the good or traditional things. KW is about ‘time & place’ and the best way to make western people more comfortable so that they feel that they can become a part, become favorable, rather than alienating westerners with strange clothes, etc.
      You agree with ‘time & place’ strategies. Ok great. For many years it seems we have ignored ‘time & place’ in our western preaching. Now do we care about making a first impression that ISKCon requires westerners to become hindus, wear hindu clothes, eat hindu foods, music, etc etc ????
      Please listen with care to Maharaja’s lectures. Thanks.

  • Krishna-das

    This is wonderful news! It is in keeping with our Sampradaya!

    Dear Hridayanada Maharaja,

    This is the greatest compliment you could receive! It is evident that you are in the right path.

    As we look back on our Gaudiya Vaishnava line, not one acharya comes to mind that was not rebuked and expelled by the aristocracy of our faith at that given time.

    Lord Chaitanya was critiqued for allowing everyone to recite verses strictly reserved for Brahmans. “The Maha Mantra”

    Bhakti Vinod Thakur was a magistrate and family man. Not a priest in the temple. He certainly encountered critics that would not understand the ultimate yuga dharma. He was very critical of the sahajia movements of the time and was hence not working within the religious establishment.

    Gaura Kishor Das Babaji was so anti establishment that he hid in a latrine to avoid attention while focusing on his Japa.

    Bhakti Sidhanta Saraswati was widely criticized for “yukta vairagya” renunciation through utilization in Lord Krishna’s service. He was very much shunned by much of the brahminical society.

    Our beloved Srila Prabhupada repeatedly asked for assistance in exporting the teachings of Mahaprabhu to the west. The various leaders of the Gaudiya Matha ignored his requests, as they were too busy arguing over who owned which temple and what position they held. He had to leave in order to be effective in the preaching mission. Srila Prabhupada was widely criticized by his god brothers for giving Brahman initiation so readily to melechas and yavanas. Or putting women as pujaris on the altar. Or many other successes of his movement.

    Please do not be discouraged! This is the way of our Sampradaya. It is to be rejected by the governing organization that is a symptom of your good work. Please take this as endorsement by Guru and Gauranga that ISKCON is rejecting (gagging) you.

    Many of your god brothers have been rejected and continue to do wonderful service preaching and spreading Lord Chaitanya’s mission in an even more successful manner than those within ISKCON.

    Toronto temple has worked at maintaining the community and not recruited any new devotees for years. Yet they would happily criticize the disciples of your god brother Sidha Swarupananda who are encouraging more and more and more people to take up the maha mantra.

    Param Advaiti Swami has spread this movement to many a town and village through out South America. He has done so exclusive of the established ISKCON network. He is criticized, yet continues to do some wonderful work.

    Even modern day ISKCON leaders like Radhanatha Swami or the deceased Srila Bhakti Tirtha Swami have spent time (over a decade) operating outside of ISKCON. Their service while operating outside of the fold of the bureauCRAZY was not in vain. It inspires many and has certainly been noted in a positive sense by Srila Prabhupada and Mahaprabhu.

    May I note that the tree of our Sampradaya has many branches bearing as delicious fruit as the other. Many branches whither and die away. What may appear to be the trunk as a new branch is often not what actually ends up as the main trunk. Please continue your preaching work, for it inspires us in our devotional service.

    Harer Nama, Harer Nama, Harer Nama Evakevalam……..

    Das Anu Das,


    • PGG das


  • Srila Prabhupada nuga

    i ve seen how devotees already started a division among themselves because of Krsna West, why dont follow strictly the program given by Srila Prabhupada what is perfect itself?some devotees in America were thinking its ok we can worship deities just wearing “Normal Clothes” please Dear devotees dont let the legacy and instructions of Srila Prabhupada be changed … its so nice to see devotees dressed in dhotis and saris ,i have a lot of respect to Hrdayananda Maharaja but im sorry but im not agree Dasanudas.

    • attempting servant

      If some have misunderstandings about KW then that is the issue to be addressed, not that KW itself is flawed. I used to wear saris every day, it was NOT by complete choice and I found it uncomfortable wearing a girls attire. If you want to compound the I Am The Female/Male Body philosophy, then by all means keep preaching your “strict devotional attire” message. But from personal experience I can say it is NOT the only way to spiritual advancement or perfection and can sometimes turn people OFF practicing Kc within ISKCON. KW is giving everyone an opportunity – everyone who wants to practice Kc regardless of their ability to follow rules and regulations on dress code etc. It doesn’t dilute the philosophy at all.

  • paramadvaiti swami

    unity in diversity
    true enough
    sometimes we are misunderstood
    there is nothing bad which does not come for a good reason
    if we are serious Srila Prabhupada will guide us as the supersoul .
    is the GBC always right?
    So many ex GBC man testify at least that they were wrong
    shall we be more accommodating and forgiving?
    at least we should be always friendly and humble
    if we misunderstand or offend another Vaisnava it will be bad for us.
    I take advantage of this note to beg to be forgiven for my conscious or unconsciously committed offenses to other Vaisnavas. Specially towards to women sector who had such a hartd time in Iskcon even while Srila Prabhupada was with us. And the poor children who were not protected enough in our Guru Kulas.
    and the people who were driven out of temples in the zonal Guru fiasco times.
    and the Gbcs who were always critized for trying to manage.
    and our offenses to the cows who we gave little protection on many occasions
    and the new Gurus who were expected to perform far beyond their capacity
    and I must have offended all of them directly or indirectly.
    Directly by being a representative of the Samkirtan system which tought devotees to simply lie to the people or indirectly by not protesting constantly against injustices which were going on.
    the list is long and not even necessary to continue.
    But one thing is sure
    those who still love Srila Prabhupada and try to serve him can’t be all bad.
    and I do not want to offend them but encourage them to somehow go on preaching to their best ability.
    may be it is time to learn to coexist without burdening the Internet with so many Vaisnava aparadas.
    and understand that last not least all those who are connected to our greater family are really our family.
    may be not all fit into Iskcon. but at least we should recognize them as wider family sster organisations and be proud of them. then krishna will go west, colombien, southern, eskimo style, good for all and welcoming all.
    and open loving conversations will keep the real spirit alive.
    again sisters and brothers excuse me. I love you.
    dandavats and All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  • Paul

    I believe that with this issue as well as many others it comes down to a simple question. Why? You can chant a 108 rounds a day which is certainly a wonderful thing. But why are you doing it? That’s a question that a lot of times is not asked. But Krsna is in our hearts, and He understands better then we do “why” we do what we do. Due to the fact that one of the strategic points captured by lust is our intelligence, our “best” intentions can take us down some dangerous roads. Just like in almost all other instances. Better not to innovate and reconceptulize the orders of the spiritual master. Just stick with what has been given. There is a grand plan that has been initiated by Krsna through Srila Prabhupada. I feel obliged to follow that plan the way it has been presented to me without trying to revamp it.

  • Damodara dasa

    Dear Hrdayananda Maharaja
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    I have been watching all this unfold with dismay over recent months. I have some sympathies for many of your points about the manner in which ISKCON presents itself. I think that they merit mature istagosthi amongst your peers. However, you appear to be taking a different approach – that of sharing your observations, concerns and alternative strategies amongst those who tend to accept your authority as absolute. Whilst you might personally prefer not to criticise and ridicule other practitioners of Krsna consciousness – although the way you share your observations does in essence do exactly that – your followers then do exactly that (eg ridiculing those wearing dhotis, etc).

    What the whole thing highlights is that there is no shared strategy for a combined preaching mission. Whilst Srila Prabhupada made provision for and encouraged individual expression, he also wanted his disciples to work conjointly.

    Personally I am all for innovation. But the hypotheses you put forward about how Krsna consciousness will be better received by the masses are not yet proven. Yet, you seem to spend most of your energy in your talks, etc pointing out the problems you perceive with the manner in which just about every follower of Srila Prabhupada has, to date, chosen to present Krsna consciousness (mode of dress, Kirtan style, etc). Hardly surprising that ISKCON’s leaders are concerned. And your sending up those concerns as you do here by representing them as extreme misconceptions does not show any commitment to working with others – rather it conveys the mood of someone who assumes that they have superior insight.

    I also see your use of the “quarantine” metaphor as a misrepresentation of what’s happening here. They have merely asked you to hold fire until they can talk with you. It’s hardly a “gag order” as evidenced by your continued writing, etc. Do you not see that your sharing your views as you do is creating a disturbance? Or do you feel that this disturbance is justified? Anyway the point is that you elected to take such a stance without consulting with your peers (specfically the GBC leaders), you have a position of influence, etc. And the substance of this and other messages from you now circulating on the Internet is one of criticising the GBC’s decision. OK, everybody does it. But not everyone has thousands of followers. One expects more of senior leaders than this petulant teenager attitude. You wouldn’t have a following if it wasn’t for ISKCON. But te signals you are sending suggest that there is no advantage to you – and therefore your people – of being good citizens and team players.

    By the way, quarantine is used not only to isolate the confirmed infected but anyone who might pose a risk. You have acted with disregard to the concerns others have raised thus far. Why not respond humbly to this request for caution rather than further foment unrest in this way.

    Your servant
    Damodara dasa

  • Paul

    There is an alarming problem with some dress style in Iskcon. It’s a bit different from Maharaja’s stance. Since this point is relevant I want to address here.

    I attended a 24 / hour kirtan about a month ago. At that event, I noticed a sort of fashion that needs to be addressed. It’s very natural for women to dress very elaborately, however, the way some of the men were dressed was inappropriate. They were wearing very elaborately colored dhotis with a wrapped turban. Ornaments of various discription. This is not very good. It actually is an offense for a man to stand in front of Radha-Krsna dressed as a king and offer diety worship. Especially to lead the diety worship with kirtan, being the kirtan leader. It shows a lack of respect. A desire to steal the luster away from Krsna.
    Please Maharaja!! If you read this, kindly give some energy to stopping this fad! Men should not arrive at Krsna’s temple for rendering service “dressed to kill”. This is not good at all coming in dressed like a theatrical actor in a Hindi movie. Such men, dressed in this way, are unfit for diety worship! Hare Krsna!!

  • ISKCON devotee

    Srila Prabhupada presented Krsna consciousness as it is ,that’s why he was very successful ,wearing robes as a sannyasi
    ,why Srila Prabhupada didn’t come to western countries dressed as an english gentleman thinking wearing civil clothes people would feel more natural and so they could be attracted to Krsna?the result ?hundred of temples and thousands of disciples and a lot people who admire Srila Prabhupada!!!!Dali Lama wears his robes wherever he goes and he has a lot of followers and he’s very respeted around the globe ,Srila Prabhupada didn’t want his movement has the same fate as Gaudiya Math so better we should stick to Srila Prabhupada mood ,we should be careful not becoming hippis again ,Srila Prabhupada knew this tendency in us ,im a ISKCON devotee like you im really concern for the future of our society we know very well the standars given by our Acarya,with respect Dasanudas.

  • Vaishnava

    Well done, dear GBC. The world is so full of people ready to become KC that it is absolutely necessary to kill off any initiative which will attract more people to the guidance of Srila Prabhupada. So great that there is an organisation which is so powerhungry that anyone who may turn karmis into devotees without bowing down to the GBC’s collective lotus feet over and over again is, well, an enemy. You are absolutely right – give up the fight with Maya, and instead start fighting against the sankirtan devotees. It all makes, in a crude and crucial way, sense.

  • ISKCON devotee

    Vaisnava prabhu your comments are quite sour ,if you wish people hear you present your comments in a respectful way as you call yourself “Vaisnava” there are many devotees not just GBC’s even disciples of Maharaja who are concern about this subject matter because there are not agree with Maharaja ‘s vision like myself but i have a deep respect for his great contribution to spread krsna consciousness , he has inspired so many souls to take spiritual life still i prefiere the personal touch of Srila Prabhupada in regard how devotees should be dressed in dhotis saris ,shaved heads,book distribution,Harinams ,Prasadam distribution i have full faith in this weapons against Maya !! devotees are fighting with Maya Vaisnava prabhu,please have faith in Lord Caitanya’s and Prabhupada’s words !!everyone even Hrdayananda Maharaja is doing his best to spread this mission ,im a ISKCON devotee like you Dandavats Hare krsna

  • Vaishnava d

    Dear Iskcon Devotee,

    thanks for your reply, but my comment wasn’t sour, only blunt. Do some math: there are perhaps a few hundred, perhaps thousand sankirtan devotees and preachers out there. How successful? Well … Then comes along a new idea from one our more able men, and the reply is to shut it down before HDG even had a chance to present the idea.
    You say that many, including his own disciples, don’t agree with Krsna West. But it’s not that you have to agree with Maharaja. It’s far more important that Maya disagrees, and the question basically is; on whose side are you? Will you join maya and be against a new preaching tool, for behold it might be successful. To hinder Maharaja preaching just because you like dhotis and shaven heads is not entirely the point of KC, no?

  • ISKCON devotee

    Dear Vaisnava prabhu:Sankirtan devotees are truly the wellwishers of living entites, do you think that to connect souls with Bhakti first time after many births is a cheap thing ?many times they are mistreated ,insulted ,beaten to give krsna!!risking their own lives !!you maybe not see visible results according your limited vision but they this souls already started their journey back to God Back to Krsna ,we are on the same side against Maya ,time will say …Hare krsna

  • kaviraj capsicum

    “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” H G Wells

  • Shak

    blah blah blah more bullsh*t to scam his disciples, sick, he will rot in HELL as Aindra would say