Hands Up- The Symbolism of Surrender

The universe seems to be designed in such a way that it evokes our love for Krsna- everything made by Him is so so beautiful- and when we admire a rainbow, sunset on the ocean, a forest or waterdrops on a still pond, we are admiring Krsna actually, but in santa rasa- that is why we feel so peaceful. That is connection with God, in the beginning stage, and it is so much better than the fever of materialistic pursuit that many souls get hooked on it.

But it’s not love, and as it is devoid of all the relishable, exciting, unpredictable and interactive elements of love, after some time, we leave the rainbow and sunset, and enter our homes for what we hope is the loving exchange our hearts hanker for.
Though the universe is pervaded with opportunities for an immediate taste of santa rasa, the clashing element is animosity- between living entities and ultimately, living entity to God, and thus if one enters nature with the eye of the realist, rather than the poet, one can see a vicious fight for survival- bird eating worm, parasite eating bird and so on. Not a pretty sight, it evokes disgust and compassion.

We are living in a universal contradiction that seems to paint everything with love- exquisite beauty and wonder- and yet blackens it with hatred. The living entity from time immemorial, waged war with God for the enjoyment of everything that is His, claiming it for himself. To assuage other living entities thus engrossed, and allow them their share of false proprietorship, clever human beings created laws evoking punishment for doing so, again assuming God’s position of supreme controller.
All in all, it is a mess, but one pervaded by love, by a universal whisper that says “If you can’t love Me, how can you not at least admire Me?”

Letting go is possible only after we have tasted fully the bitter consequences of a war against God, by powerful reasoning from His messengers and by personal experience that what they are saying is comprised only of uncompromising truth. We then let go a little bit, but the acaryas teach us “No, both hands up in the air! ” All our guns, we need to drop. They may be hiding also in our psychological pockets. We need them turned inside out, and then emptied.

The two hands in the air means that I hold on to nothing, and it is the symbolism of the tired child, who is wanting the embrace of his parent and nothing else, being exhausted from wandering in the well equipped house created by his parent. It means that I don’t want what you made for me, I want You! It also means that my holding on to things has made me unhappy. I realize this, and there is nothing that I want. All my possessions are draped around me, but they are an embarrassment, proof of my past animosity. I surrender- hands up, guns down, OK lay on the floor, head down, hands tied behind my back- they are mischievous hands anyway- much better they are tied. Thus the soul prays to be taken captive by Krsna, Whose one touch saturates him with joy and leads him instantly away from enthrallment with matter (and things that “matter”)