Red Alert! Mayapur under Bengali siege! Italian GBC hung over balcony.


Key Points:

  • Mayapur is not safe.
  • Don't come to Mayapur.
  • Bengalis were hanging the Italian GBC over the second floor balcony at the guesthouse threatening to throw him over.

I just received this message from Joe Guarino (Jaya Gaura) who is in Mayapur right now:

“100 Bengalis assaulted a Chec devotee while he was recording the Italian GBC being assaulted yesterday along with 2 other devotees. They tried to get his camera. Some how he held on to it. The authorities are in possession of his video and the videos of 3 other devotees being assaulted. Hansarupa presented all the video evidence this morning. GBC is reviewing it now. We are on full Red alert. Please circulate this info Ambarish says he will pull out and take the Ford name with him if these things continue.”

Can’t take time to discuss the possibilities now too much going on. I’m just trying to get some of the facts out. Hansarupa, Ruci Sevana, and myself are in clear and present danger now yesterday the Bengalis we’re attempting to assault the GBC chairman Pragosh. Only our armed private security officers we’re able to protect him.”

More to follow.

Your servant, Pav

“Hansarupa, Ruchisevana and myself are in clear and present danger of being assaulted or killed at any time. But so are any other foreign devotees that get in the way of the local Bengali thugs.” Jaya Gaura assures me this is 100% accurate. It is 12:30am here in San Diego.

Jaya says that the Indian Army may be called if there is no resolution made quickly. He will call the Home Ministry office of the central government and the prime minister if there is more trouble.

“It is not okay to come. Some devotee’s have been beaten fortunately not badly I could’ve very easily went the other way. The Bengalis we’re hanging the Italian GBC over the second floor balcony at the guesthouse threatening to throw him over”.

Chronology of Events:

Date: February 22, 2016

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I just received this message from Joe Guarino (Jaya Gaura) who is in Mayapur right now:”100 Bengalis assaulted a Chec…

Posted by Paul Pavamana McCloud Acbsp on Monday, February 22, 2016

Date: February 23, 2016

This was from my friend Jaya Gaura (Joe Guarino), who is in Mayapur. He’s been with Praghosh for the past days while all this has gone on. They were hiding out, expecting more trouble. He messaged me that they are ok now. At least for the while. He messaged me the information which I posted on my page, so there’s no interpretation or compilation. You have to understand that these devotees have been investigating wrongdoing for months, and practically have a bull’seye on their backs, so it’s super-dangerous for them. Hansa Rupa had left, due to threats, and the others were hiding, armed, waiting to see if more trouble was going to come. There was a protest scheduled for Monday, which I don’t know if it happened. If things got out of hand, they were prepared to call for real firepower from the Indian government. The problems that exist there have been going on for a very long time, and there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. Whether it’s safe or not, no one can say with certainty. The GBC has issued a statement, which is an overview of the situation that in my opinion is not the whole story, and tends to try to defuse the situation and make things look ok. Things may seem fine to the casual observer, but know that there are some very serious issues that have existed for decades and not been addressed until now. And will likely be ongoing for a long time to come. Pray to Sri Sri Radha-Madhava, Pancha Tattva and Lord Narasinghadeva for Their help.

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— Paul Pavamana McCloud Acbsp

Date: February 23, 2016

Joe Guarino I’m confirming it now anyone says any different it’s a lie. ISKCON is an International Crime Cartel out paced only by the Vatican and the Mormans. Print that. Fools!

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Date: February 23, 2016

Joe Guarino And It is not the fault of the Bengalis or Bangladeshis. It is the fault of the GBCs and other ISKCON Temple Presidents and other politicians that has perpetuated ” a culture” of mistreatment of my God brothers, their wives and children. I have a 100 % “clean” record in ISKCON. Just ask Badrinarayan Swami, who is here now. Almost 30 years in San Diego providing health care for the devotees as a Primary Care Physician. Before, Brooklynn, NYC, Port Royal PA, Brazil and Puerto Rico as acting Temple president. Always left broken hearted and in pieces after working hard for Srila Prabhupada and Krsna.

Joe Guarino The B &` B are a symptom they are not the disease. Bhakti Vidya Purna roams free like a king here in Mayapur. His history of “caning” gurukula boys until they bled and other SEXUAL DEVIATIONS have magically disappeared.

Joe Guarino It’s a tragedy really. Most devoties are and have not been capable of “critical/discriminative thinking” without falling into the trap of thinking, “oh my, this is vaishnava aparadha.” There is and never has been, opportunity for dissent. Without being labeled as “independent minded” or being just in Maya.

Joe Guarino There is no process for judicial or executive oversite. The leaders of all gotten rich. And left a “trail of devotee bodies”

Joe Guarino Millions of dollars are missing here in Mayapur. It’s time for devoties to wipe those idiotic smiles off their faces and pull their ‘heads out of their a$$es. Hoever, unfortunately I think it’s to late.

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