16 Movies featuring Hare Krishnas in popular culture


1) Dawn of the Dead (1978)

A Hare Krishna zombie is seen throughout several scenes. Its bizarre appearance made it one of the more memorable zombies in the film, and it led to NECA producing an action figure of it in its “Cult Classics” line. The character can also be seen in the 2004 movie remake.

2) Hair (1979)

3) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1981)

4) Final Destination (2000)

5) Earthquake (1974)

6) Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Woody Allen’s character considers joining the Hare Krishnas in his search for God.

7) Religious (2008)

Hare Krishna devotees can be seen very briefly during a montage sequence near the beginning of the film.

8) The Goonies (1985)

The mother talks to the older son: “if you don’t bring your brother home, I’ll commit Hare Krishna!” The son replies: “That’s hara-kiri, Ma.”

9) Blade Runner (1982)

10) Airplane! (1980)

Two Hare Krishna devotees are asked to contribute to “The Church of Religious Consciousness.” Their dead-pan reply “We gave at the office.”

11) Falling Down (1983)

Devotees briefly shown chanting on a street.

12) Candy (1968)

13)Back to the Future II (1989)

14) The Karate Kid (1984)

Daniel claps two sanders together and sings “Hare Krishna”.

15) Constantine (2005)

16) The Core (2003)

  • http://www.galva108.org Amara Das Wilhelm

    You forgot “Across the Universe” (2007), devotees chanting in NYC subway car during movie’s namesake song…

  • Prananatha das

    How about the movie Bee season with Richard Here, shows a temple scene and his son I think joins the ashram

    • http://www.galva108.org Amara Das Wilhelm

      Yeah, that was another really good one!

  • Miloš Blanuša Madhva


    From Serbian cult movie “We Are Not the Angels”

    “-Hy Violeta!
    -I am not Violeta anymore, that was me in previous life. I an now Vrindavani and this is my husband Govinda! We are going to India for Krishnas Birthday”

  • Willaim Mills

    Saw an episode of FAMILY GUY recently where the main character in response to something good happenings says, “Thank You Jesus!” Then is shows heaven and Jesus says, “That wasn’t me.” Then a 4-armed Vishnu says, “I know, that happens all the time.”