Pratyatosa Dasa: 17 reasons to Bring Krishna West to Houghton, Michigan, USA


Please bring Krishna West preaching to the virgin territory of Houghton, Michigan, USA for the following reasons:

1) Houghton is a college town, and is completely virgin territory when it comes to Krishna Conscious preaching.

2) At least 3 Houghton High School graduates are direct disciples of Srīla Prabhupāda, probably a higher per capita percentage than any other high school in the world! Students at HHS are known as the “Gremlins” and their school colors are orange and black (Halloween colors). I can still remember our school superintendent telling us, in an all-class assembly, the supernatural story of why we are called the “Gremlins!”

3) There is almost no crime in the area. (You can forget to lock your door and nothing will get stolen.)

4) According to a Chinese graduate student, there are about 800 Chinese students attending Houghton’s (state supported) Michigan Tech, and even more than 800 East Indian students, but there is no temple for the Indian students. In fact there isn’t even an East Indian restaurant in the area.

5) The area is famous for cool summers and mild winters because of the moderating effects of being surrounded on 3 sides by sacred (to the Native Americans) Lake Superior, which, because it is so large, only rarely freezes over. (No air conditioning is required.)

6) Many people here home school their children.

7) The Mennonites have discovered this place and many have moved here. They even have their own private school. How long is it going to take for the Hare Krishnas to discover this place?

8) There are no envious Hare Krishna householders here to give the Krishna West devotees a hard time.

9) The cost of living here is very low. My brand-new one bedroom apartment costs $245/month, my only utility bill (electricity) is about $21/month, and my cell phone costs about $9/month. Internet access is free and free food is brought to my door twice a month!

10) There are unlimited business opportunities in the area.

11) In the event of nuclear war, there are no nearby military targets and Quincy Hill, across the canal from Houghton, is almost completely hollowed out due to decades of copper mining: A good, secure place to take shelter from possible future radioactive fallout.

12) Nothing short of a direct hit can stop the local power generating plant, because it can generate electricity using anything that burns, such as lumber mill scraps or old tires!

13) Michigan Tech has it’s own emergency power generating plant.

14) Michigan Tech has huge tanks of fuel oil in case the natural gas gets shut off.

15) Michigan Tech can generate heat using wood chips in addition to natural gas or fuel oil.

16) There is unlimited fresh water in the area.

17) There are unlimited forests in the area.