Aindra Prabhu’s list of 56 things that can go to hell!

Aindra Prabhu

Excerpt from The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution, pg 44-47. 1) To hell with trying to secure a comfortable situation within this temporary world of shadowy afflictions! 2) To hell with hoping for heavenly delights on earth, elevation to svarga-loka, or residence on any of the highest planets within this cosmos! 3) To hell with […]

Manifest Nama Sankirtana Revolution


Please remember and I beseech you again and again, please remember worldwide ISKCON grassroots Nama Sankirtana revolution. Revolution means revolution. It means we have to shed pounds, and gallons and gallons of blood to get the job done. We have to turn this movement inside out, upside down whatever we have to do but we […]