Bir Krishna Goswami on Krishna West: “When we start to make a lot of devotees, then there will be a mad rush to copy”


Embed Music Files – Play Audio – 2013.04.23 – Maha Mantra – B… Krishna West has already started and we have a Krishna West center at a place called Chapel Hill, North Carolina which is right in my zone. And I’m working with Hridayananda Maharaj to establish different preaching initiatives based on Krishna West. I […]

Bir Krishna Goswami: Dhotis “look to a certain extent like adult diapers” especially the North Indian style


The idea of Krishna West has some similarity to the Loft Program. Are you familiar with Devamrita Swami’s Loft Program? We present Krishna consciousness in such a way that western people feel comfortable with it. For example, there are many aspects or at least external aspects that are not eternal aspects of our movement devotees […]

Bir Krishna Goswami: “Krishna West is full ISKCON” and temples “influenced or catering to the Indian population”


I think a more appropriate name for Krishna West would be “Krishna Adaptable to Different Cultures.” In other words, lets say we go to China, then probably Krishna West would utilize people eating with chopsticks. So people would feel more comfortable. The idea is that whatever culture you’re in, present the essence of Krishna consciousness […]