16 Movies featuring Hare Krishnas in popular culture


1) Dawn of the Dead (1978) A Hare Krishna zombie is seen throughout several scenes. Its bizarre appearance made it one of the more memorable zombies in the film, and it led to NECA producing an action figure of it in its “Cult Classics” line. The character can also be seen in the 2004 movie […]

Pratyatosa Dasa: 17 reasons to Bring Krishna West to Houghton, Michigan, USA


Please bring Krishna West preaching to the virgin territory of Houghton, Michigan, USA for the following reasons: 1) Houghton is a college town, and is completely virgin territory when it comes to Krishna Conscious preaching. 2) At least 3 Houghton High School graduates are direct disciples of Srīla Prabhupāda, probably a higher per capita percentage […]