The ontological position of Womenkind


Question: I want to know more about the position of women in your tradition. Are women allowed to participate in the process of practicing, praying and showing their devotion? Srila Sridhar Maharaj: Who is a woman here may not be a woman there in that higher realm; who is a man here may not be […]

Highest Absolute can accommodate everything


So set yourself right – not others – and real peace you will find. And never try to enjoy the result of your actions. This is the key to a successful life, and happiness will flow from that. You will find the Infinite is your Friend. Everything is a part and parcel of the Original, […]

No Fear In Harmony: Love means sacrifice to such a high degree that it can embrace everything


The only origin of fear is lack of harmony. Fear is born through disappointment resulting from lack of harmony. If that does not exist then there is no place for fear. ‘Undesirability’ is represented in Sanskrit as ‘apprehension’ or ‘fear’, and is regarded as something secondary to the Absolute. But how does it reach and […]

The Land of Gurus | Sri Guru & His Grace


Excerpt from Chapter 11 of  The Land of Gurus | Sri Guru & His Grace In the Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.9.31) it is stated: na hy ekasmad guror jnanam su-sthiram syat su-puskalam “One certainly cannot get complete knowledge from only one guru.” In the highest stage of devotion, we must see not only one guru; we must […]