Organized Religion


Sri Krishna manifests His eternal birth, the pure cognitive essence of the serving soul who is located above all mundane limitations. King Kamsa [the demon king who wanted to kill Lord Krishna] is the typical empiricist, ever on the lookout for the appearance of the truth for the purpose of suppressing Him before He has […]

Institutional authority vs. the authority of the Guru


Today I want to talk about a very delicate subject: institutional authority vs. the authority of the spiritual master. I read that in one Vaishnava institution the institutional authorities released a new rule, in which they say that the spiritual master should always be under the administrative and governmental rules of the institution.

Non-Sectarian Vaisnava-Dharma – Food for thought from the Visva Vaisnava Raja Sabha


Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur on the nature of sectarianism from the introduction to the Sri Krsna Samhita: The people of India and other countries may be divided into two categories- the asslike and the swanlike. Of these two, the asslike are in the majority. The swanlike are in the minority. Swanlike people abstract the purport of […]