Spiritual aspects of homosexuality


From the spiritual perspective, another explanation for homosexuality or bisexuality lies in reincarnation. Those who are not properly integrated in one life can find themselves in the next life with a male consciousness in a female body or vice versa. Such souls are stuck. The situation is not completely their doing because everyone has participated […]

Niscala Devi Dasi responds to Krishna Kirti on “homosexual appetite being demoniac”


“Force will not work” The argument for gay marriage Krsna Kirti has claimed that Hrdayananda Maharja is deviating from the commentary of Srila Prabhupada (to SB 3.20.26, regarding the homosexual appetite being demoniac) in his recommendation of restrained marriage for gay devotees. How so, escapes us totally, as Hridayananda is suggesting a way to contain […]

Gay monogamy preferred to promiscuity


In a recent (2004) essay “Vaisnava Dharma is very liberal“, Amara prabhu raises the following question: Gay marriage is . . . taken to be outside of the rigid varnasrama system and the ordinary prescription for married life, but suppose it is found to be the best practical arrangement to sustain a person’s bhakti, someone […]