I’m arguing with YOU, not Prabhupāda.

Vraja Kishora Prabhupada argue

Friends, if I argue with you, I argue with you.

Please don’t wear the plastic armor that by arguing with you I am arguing with Prabhupāda. It should be pretty obvious how wildly pompus that attitude is.

Yes, you are a devotee, an ISKCON member, a disciple of Prabhupāda or of Prabhupāda’s disciple, etc. but this doesn’t make you identical with Prabhupāda, nor does it mean that you understand Prabhupāda perfectly (or less). I understand that you have your opinion of what Prabhupāda teaches, wants, etc. I respect that as your opinion. Please have the presence of mind and meekness of ego to recognize that other people besides yourself can have different opinions of what Prabhupāda teaches, wants, etc.

A person with a different understanding of Prabhupāda is not automatically any of the following catchphrases: blooped, a fringie, a speculator, unchaste, independent, a puffed up scholar, or a self-appointed ācārya. What they are is just a person with an understanding of Prabhupāda that is different from yours.

Maybe their understanding is better, closer to the divine truth. Maybe its worse, further from the essence. Figure that out by discussing it rationally, please – not by claiming that, since it’s not how you see things, its completely wrong and anti-Prabhupāda.

I understand that you hang out with lots of people who have the same understanding of Prabhupāda as you do. I understand that there is a feeling of strength in numbers. But please don’t think that simply because a lot of people believe something, it is true. If there are a lot of very deep, very intelligent, very sincere people who come to the same conclusion about Prabhupāda that is important. But 95% percent of the time the strength in numbers is just might-makes-right by the size of the herd. Just because a person with a half-baked idea was the best person at the time to assume a position of power and prominence, and now has lots of people without the inclination or ability to scrutinize or question his or her concept of “Prabhupāda says” or “Prabhupāda wants,” it doesn’t make his concept of Prabhupāda any more or less half-baked than whatever it actually is by virtue of whatever it actually IS.

I understand that being a “Prabhupāda Disciple” feels like a passport to the V.I.P. section of heaven, and implies that you are right about your opinion of what Prabhupāda said. But unfortunately 98% of the Prabhupāda Disciples spent as much time studying personally from Śrīla Prabhupāda as you or I have – zero. They all percieved Prabhupāda through their own intellectual and emotional lenses (just like you and I), or, worse, through the intellectual and emotional lenses artificially imposed on them by their bhakta leaders, temple commanders, and so on and so forth.

The fact that you are socially senior means that you deserve social respect – it doesn’t mean you comprehend philosophy better or worse than anyone else. Maybe you do comprehend it better. If you do, its because you comprehend it better – not because you have a certificate, or a rubber stamp, or a letter from Prabhupāda changing your name to something in Sanskrit.

So, please, what I am saying is, if I am arguing with your idea of something, I am arguing with your idea of it. The fact that you think it is also Prabhupāda’s idea is part of your argument, that’s all. Defend the idea please, or don’t engage in a debate or proselytize it.

If you don’t know the basic principles of how to debate a topic rationally, how analysis of statements can be made (“hermeneutics” / “exegesis” or mimaṁsa), or the hierarchy of importance in assessing evidence (“epistemology” or pramāna), it would be much better for you (for your sake, too) to stop blogging, stop posting, stop commenting, and start listening and studying under a teacher who does.

Thank you, please forgive my frustration. Hare Krishna.